Our work is focused towards ensuring customer satisfaction, through the use of our professional services

Are you embarking upon developing a new product? Our company focuses on helping bring you the product design that will place you out in front of the competition. We utilize the latest cutting edge design software to help produce full 3D solid CAD models, 2D detail drawings, and other design services that will help you reach production success.

We offer completely integrated design and machining capabilities, ensuring that even the most complex parts are efficiently engineered. We start with your ideas. We then create a CAD design that you can review, ensuring the end product works as specified. After you proof the 3D drawings, our expert designers use CAM software to control computerized machines to then develop detailed parts that match the design

Mold prototypes save time and money by helping detect design flaws and potential problems during the design phase. Our state-of-the-art forged tooling and machining equipment assures that your prototype is designed and refined to the most exacting specifications. It all adds up to high-quality, rapid prototypes that meet and exceed industry standards.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce metal die cast components to meet a wide range of customer specifications.   From simple to complex designs, our goal is to offer you short lead times, state-of-the-art design, and a highly qualified design and production staff.

We offer all necessary expertise to design and manufacture molds of all shapes and intricacies.   Before producing your mold, our team of experts assesses, optimizes and validates design prior to production. Thanks to these high standards and quality planning, a mold can be used for over a long time with very little maintenance required. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures a quality product at high industrial standards.

We also produce trimming dies for the industry. Our well-versed team possesses the know-how that allows them to advise the customer on geometries and cutting angles, types of sharpening, coatings and materials. All this is done to guarantee optimum design and ensure maximum tool life.

We manufacture coining dies to customer specifications. Coining Dies are used in conjunction with a coining press tool to produce keys, medals, badges, coins and tokens.  The process requires high tonnages to force the metal to flow into the engraved apertures of the die. Both sides of the component can be formed simultaneously or only one side if required.

We design and produce dies used during a forging process. We look at factors such as type of operation, size, type of machinery to be used  and the cost of materials to ensure that our clients get the results they desire.

Whether you need to generate 3D CAD models from existing objects, to modernize manufacturing processes or to design a new part to fit to a legacy part, our company’s Reverse Engineering services will reduce the product development cycle and enhance your overall product design. The results are higher quality, reduced end product cost, and improved customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level model or are looking to improve quality assurance, we have the products and expertise you need. We have CMMs which provide precise measurements of objects for design, testing, assessment, profiling, and reverse engineering of parts.

Our expertise and investment in the very latest technology enables us to meet a wide range of engraving requirements on a wide array of items across many different industries.  Our know-how allows us to tackle the most complicated procedures with guaranteed results.

We provide our customers with mold repair services as well. Our mold repair services include the equipment and staff that are crucial to successful mold repair. No matter the extent of the damage, if your mold is clear, multi-colored, smoky, textured, smooth, or any other variety, we have the tools to repair it.


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